primary School


The primary department warmly welcomes you. Mr. Hope Opare is the co-ordinator. The child’s academic development progresses from here. Children aged from six (6) to twelve (12) years old fall within this category. The primary department is made up of the lower (grades 1-3) and upper (grades 4-6). Children’s powers of reasoning and imagination are made to work here which help in the formation of intellectual independence, of moral sense and of social organisation.

Primary children learn through the use of manipulatives as well as through teacher guidance. The teacher works with a child individually or in a small group, and then allows the child many repetitions with that activity to master its content in depth. Children use the Montessori materials and engage in activities specifically designed for their learning in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy, Natural Science, Information Technology, Religious & Moral Education, Language Skills, Art and Music as well as Social, Emotional and Physical Development. They are required to complete daily exercises in mathematics, reading, and writing. Our students tend to progress rapidly in academic areas.

The Elementary child enters a new stage of development which requires changes in class structure and curriculum to respond to the characteristics of this age group. The two major developmental changes are the emergence of the reasoning mind and the strong interest in social organization and peer groups. The Elementary child wants to know “how and why” and uses the imagination as the major tool to explore relationships.

At Ashridge International Montessori School, a rich variety of materials and resources support the child’s efforts to manipulate ideas and explore connections. The Primary class allows the child to move, manipulate, and explore, building the conceptual foundations and positive attitudes which underlie all future learning.