School Ethic and Values

School Codes

The school has put in place its internal codes for both teachers and students. 
Conditions of service for teachers 
Rules and regulations for students 
Daily routine guide.


Ashridge International has a philosophy that education must be a priority to all. This is the only way to secure a better future for the children. Success is achieved through discipline and exhibition of the values and norms of society with Jesus Christ as the foundation.


The governance system at Ashridge international is worker-friendly. Authority runs through the chief Executive Director to the Headmaster. Boards of directors also meet to reason together for the forward moving of the school

Social Responsibilities

The school shares in the idea of contributing her quota to the wellbeing of humanity by donating to orphanage houses and foundations for the needy in society.


We have a serene and training atmosphere for teaching and learning. Decent compound and well-furnished classrooms are delightful sights you will admire and appreciate. Security for students is hundred percent assured.


The school is unique with its own policies in running affairs. 
TIME OUT – 3:00pm (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays)
TIME OUT – 2:00pm (Wednesdays and Fridays)
DRESS CODE (boys and girls)

School uniform matched with a pair of trainers/sneakers or black shoes with a pair of white socks. Materials for the uniform are sold in the school. Hair style 
Boys – Neatly trimmed hair
Girls – Neatly trimmed hair or nicely plated hair (corn roll to the back)

Last Friday of each month: 
The school’s white shirt (lactose) with a decent pair of blue jeans (both boys and girls)


Parents/guardians provide snacks for wards in the morning. Lunch is served at a fee which must be paid at the beginning of each week. 
The academic year is divided into three (3) terms. All statutory public holidays will be observed.

Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A) Meetings
Parents are reminded of the importance of P.T.A meetings. Your contribution to the development and progress of the school is very essential because the school is community based and parents are the major stakeholders.